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All prices are my starting prices and displayed in $ (US dollar)

Terms of service
♦ Payment method: Paypal
♦ You pay in advance before I start working on your order. 
♦ Prices may vary on how complex your request/character are.
♦ Please note that your commission can take up to a month before it’s finished (after I start working on it).
♦ You’ll be able to see the sketch before I color it and you may then request changes, after that no more changes can be made (although if I miss any markings or minor details after it’s completed I will correct this).

I do not draw: sex, genitalia, nudes, diaper, skat, rape, racist/hate symbols, self harm or violence.

✅ I can draw: bikini/underwear, gore/blood, weapons

If you want to commission me please send me a note with this form filled out. Thank you!
Deviantart or Furaffinity username: 
Paypal email: 
Commission type: 
How many characters: 
Mode/pose/clothing etc: 
Other info:


Telegram sticker - 5$ each
Simple chibi style.

Head shot/Profile pic - 20$
Only head.

Badge - 25$ +
Head or half body.

Half Body - 30$
Half body of your character with a simple background.

Full Body - 40$ (+15$ for added characters)
Full body of your character with a simple background.

Reference sheet - 65$
Includes Full body front and back or feral form. Color palette. 3 accessories (like food or items). Please tell me if you want extra items, foods, clothing etc. It might cost a little bit extra.

🍌Note me if you have any questions or want to discuss any special requests.

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July 11, 2017


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