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Skullzter Species Information

Fri Jan 6, 2017, 2:20 AM

Skullzter Species Information.

Animal souls reincarnated into monsters.

#skullzter #skullzters #skullztermonster

Open Species, anyone can make a Skullzter!

Charna - New reference sheet update by Smallblacksticky
My Skullzter Charna.

Quick info

You can make any animal as a Skullzter, no humans allowed. The skull is the deceased animal and contain its soul. The rest of their body are an extension of their soul.

The body are covered in fur except for the tail and hands (the arms can be naked or covered in fur, in any way). The tail and arms have snake skin. Their ears are always naked with no fur, like bats. 2-3 color combinations on the stripes (tail, arms, ears). Any colors.


  • The skull can have horns and spikes
  • Jewelry is commonly used in their ears and on their arms and tail.
  • Always a curly tail in some way
  • Always naked pointy ears, any size (can be droopy)

Not Allowed

  • No wings (even if the skull is a bird or bat)
  • No spikes or horns on their body (only on their skull)
  • No hooves
  • No fur on the hands, tail or ears (important)


The Skullzter monsters and their realm
A Skullzter is a monster creature from another dimension called realm of Therza.

It’s a deceased animal from our world that found it’s way to the realm where it is reincarnated into a monster. Their skull remains as it once was of the animal that died. The body are an extension of their soul. A Skullzter’s body is a manifestation of how a soul would look like in its “true form” in the realm of Therza.

Their realm look like our world (like an exact copy of it) but without anything living in it, no animals, no humans, only Skullzters. It’s a realm between heaven and hell. The lands of this dimensional realm are rotten and faded like a neverending autumn. There is no sun but it’s still quite bright from the light reflecting back from our dimension. A smell of rain is always present but it never rains. Our world and the world of the Skullzters are almost on top of each other, allowing the Skullzters to travel between the two world.
The realm is hidden and hard to find for souls. Not many souls find their way to it. It’s like a net that some get caught in when they are suppose to ascend/descend to heaven or hell.

Relationships & breeding
Skullzters are not related by blood. They do not breed to start a family but they can develop a strong bond with each other similar to sisters, brothers, parents, lovers. Like a family.

A Skullzter can’t lay eggs or give birth. Instead a Skullzter is “born” when a soul of an animal from our world dies and find it’s way to the realm of Skullzters.

A Skullzter’s behaviour are somewhat based upon what kind of animal it was in its earlier life. Most of them are very gentle in their nature and like to take care of each other. They might look scary with their skull and long fingers but they can be really silly and cuddly.

They like to play and hunt both solo and in groups. Skullzters are omnivores and do not have to eat meat (in fact they don’t really have to eat at all). They mostly just hunt outside their realm because nothing lives there and they do not hunt each other.

A Skullzter do not have wings but they can float over the ground (about 1-2 meters up) and with slithering movements move around.

Skullzters loves everything that glimmers like gold and jewels but also anything else that are shiny enough. Because their realm is so gloomy they can go bananas over a piece of shiny candy wrapper. Most of the things they find are forgotten or worthless things in our world they find in trash bins or that somebody dropped. But sometimes Skullzters can steal things they find too irresistible.

Some Skullzters sometimes use accessories they create themselves. Rings in ears and necklaces are very common and loops and jewellery on their tails and arms. Jewellery is never a status symbol, it’s just fashion and fun. A Skullzter can give someone they care about small things and jewellery as gifts to symbolise friendship or companionship.


Tue Apr 26, 2016, 1:18 PM

I got some better parts for my computer the other day. New motherboard/processor and graphic card.
I stil haven't installed everything back so I can't draw anything.. *sob* ..well except on paper.

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Cleaing up my gallery on Deviantart

Fri Apr 1, 2016, 12:33 AM

I started yesterday to remove some old submissions I had and wrote more detailed description on some others, also added tags and better titles. I have alwasy felt that it was so unessesary and boring to write a good title or description, but it's actually fun and good for your art. So I suggest that you should try to do it too. c:

I still have some old classic art in my gallery, I want to keep them as referense when I redraw stuff. I love redrawing my old art, thats when you can see you have actually learn things during the years.


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Fixed my username.

Been adding some more drawings and stuffs. I want to make stickers out of some of them. For fun to give away or sell for a small coin.
I'll soon move into my new apartment. New chapter, fresh start. Recently broke up with my bf, we are still best friends so thats cool.

This summer has been the greatest in my life so far. I do what I want and I am what I am. No stress or anything, just life.

"Do great things when you know they must be done."
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From Pinkushitsu to ASmallBlackSticky (the A is not suppose to be there! I need to fix that.. but first I have to wait six months.. x__x stooopid!).

When I was little my new found friend told me that I was not a girl I was "ett litet svart klet" wich translates to a small black sticky. I kind of liked it and even after all these years I still don't see myself as a girl. I'm just an it or a small black sticky thing. 
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I'm currently workingon a homepage for my hobby stuff. Like a prsesentation witha blog and gallery. :3

I have also made a couple of more dicebags, I just need a to get some better pictures of them and I will upload them here.
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Today I bought pencils, pastels to repaint Fish (gosh, I need a proper name). I need a lot of practice and going to test doing the face up with the new colors and use Mr Super Clear I got yesterday in my mail. I have read a lot of tutorials but you always need real experience, heh. 

Also working on my second pony.

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I just remade my monster cat and gave him a name. I really want to continue to make more monster, I like the stripes and darkness. So next up is his mother, "the little dark one". I will write her story when I'm finished and ready to upload her.
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Decided to ad watermarks on some of my images. Feel safer that way, ehe.
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I did a clean up on my deviantpage. Felt like it was needed.
I have some ideas I want to draw and some I want to finish that I have on my computer just waiting.

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The RBD kigurumi is finished!
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I have fell in love with making kigurumis!
It's really fun and I love the fabric I use, it's very nice to work with.

More kigurumis on the way!

Currently working on:
Rainbow Dash

Future work:
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I'm not that fast at uploading new work but at least I'm trying to keep 'em coming. :3 Ah, well.
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Well maybe not THAT lazy, I havent actually had any good time for myself in a while.. Okey I lied.. I have and that time have been well spent on Skyrim and not drawing. Ehehehe! Anyhow.. Some stressfull things have been happening lately, a opportunitty for a new job, quitting my old one (things aint going so well there and they don't like and I don't like them).

Anyway, it's great to have (almost) a new job. It's about programming and I need to learn a new programming language, jQuery, and I have mostly just worked with html, css and a liiittle bit of php.. So for the moment I'm just a.. apprentice there, kind of. I'm learning javascript and jQuery, it's fun alright I'm just a bit worried that I wont learn it fast enough so that they want to hire me. I hope everything is going to be alright in the end. I really want to learn and I love programing!

So if anyone how's reading this know a good way to learn more javascript, like nice tutorials or videos explaining the syntaxes more detailed? I have a hard time learning what all the +, -, var, for things and where and how to write them properly. I can figure out what the code does and how it works but I want to be able to write them myself.

Yeah so thats what happening now in my life.

And I have been doodling a little when I'm there learning about the codes (It helps me relax and focus actually). Drawing my cats and stuff. I saved a paper with alot of different cats and I'm planing on color some of them in photoshop, so hopefullyy something new is going to be uploaded soon to my Deviant.

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I sent my Zee Captian cat to Romantically Apocalyptic fan art for Zee Captain.. My Deviant art exploded with messages from ppl who lieak my art.<3 Thank you guys! Much love!<3<3

I'm sitting home, ill with the flu and this made my day.<3
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If you steal any of my cats I will hunt you down. *ice cold*

~Just so you know. :3
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Derp, derp.

I'ts alive!
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Next deviant upload are going to be of an old drawing that I'm going to do vector graphic of. Its a ghost/skeleton cat, don't have a good name for him yet. Maybe he has one after I'm done coloring. Soon to come!

I'm sick and have no energy what so ever but I really want to make more art. :3
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Crap, crap and double crap!

I finally logged in to my deviant art. I have been so off its.. not even funny.

I want to start making vector cats again and I have some neat ideas.<3 I now looked thru my messages and saw one from peeps who wanted me to design their mobile monster game.. And that message was three weeks old! Snap! I got a chance.. And I totally missed it..

Well.. what to do. Start making my ideas real. I bout a printer a few days ago and I can now start making my homemade sticker.. hehe. But first Im going to upload a fresh idea I have right now, and after that I'm going to color it vector style!

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